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Do's and Don't for sewing! Reblog from Online Clothing Study

DO’s: List of things operators should follow when working on a sewing machines

  1. Make sure that you are perfectly comfortable and that you are sitting at the right height for the work table.

  2. Make sure that you have plenty of space especially around the left side of your machine. This will help you with easier material handling.

  3. Make sure of the lighting around the workspace. Do not work in shadows as performance as well as quality may get compromised.

  4. Be positive about your skill, relax and think the sewing machine as a part of you. This will help you run the machine much smoothly.

  5. Do turn the balance wheel downwards and towards you, if your machine sounds laboured as you start to sew – it will lengthen the life of the motor.

  6. Do clean, oil (where applicable) and do general maintenance on your machine regularly. Remember to turn off your machine first.

  7. For the beginners do open the bobbin area and operate the balance wheel manually so you can see how the needle thread and the bobbin thread react with each other. This will help you understand the working g of the machine.

  8. Always use the correct feed dog for the job. It will reduce the time taken many folds as well as give a much neater finish.

  9. Do insert needle correctly as directed in the manual.

  10. Make sure of doing a proper bobbin winding as any slackness will result in improper stitch.

  11. Do leave a scrap of fabric under the foot when the machine is not in use and leave the foot down.

  12. Do check for correct tension in the bobbin

  13. Hang the bobbin mid-air by the thread, if it stays the tension is correct.

  14. Have in-depth knowledge of the machine which would include remedies for any defects in the sewing process.

  15. Thread take-up lever should be at its highest position before pulling the fabric to cut the thread ends, this ensures that there is no tension in a thread, and it comes out easily.

  16. Make use of the edge of the pressure foot and marking in needle plate as a reference to align the edge of the fabric to get a uniform edge stitch.

  17. Pull the fabric gently so that the fabric does not get wrinkle as it gets feed through the machine.

  18. Hold thread tails to prevent the machine to pull them back.

  19. For pivoting the fabric material always make sure that the needle is down, and it is always preferable to sew from hand wheel when sewing at the edge of the fabric.

  20. Make sure all the screws are tightened properly after the machine is opened for maintenance or for other reason.

  21. Remember correct practice makes operators perfect.

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