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I’m going to start sewing.


I’m extremely tired of viewing some of the insane pricing for garments that aren’t traditionally part of the American every day wear. The rarity of these garments and the upselling of them is sometimes obnoxious. I’ve had the overwhelming desire for quite sometime.

I think fashion design has always been quite interesting and formidable but at the moment I don’t see too many American’s around me approaching sewing as more of a new found artistic process. I will continue to keep looking!!

So I find myself inspired by the fact that stitching, quite frankly sewing on a sewing machine can be a gradual and forward moving process that one can add to their personal arsenal of DIY. So basically you are launching into that new DIY with me and I’m excited to have you onboard.

I will share some of my knowledge and inspirations here. However what I really want to show, is that we humans can pursue many multidisciplinary skills and can execute them over a period of time. Time being one of the biggest components. With time and space I’ve been able to learn photography, speak german (closer to fluently than not) and become a personal trainer.

How I started sewing? Before I bought my sewing machine I was extremely curious about drafting a basic bodice block and drafting a basic sleeve. In one fell-swoop I cut up and drafted many patterns based on my personal measurements. And just so you know before I used a sewing machine I used safety pins.

Guess the fabric that I used?

If you guessed the worst linen material ever than you are right. I used the photography backdrop linen that I had stored away. I still have a bunch of it. I drafted my first sleeve block. I made my first mock tank top. I drew on the fabric I practiced cutting and sew on and on. Then I bought my first sewing machine with the Amazon store credit and took the plunge.

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