Zell Thomas is a 31 year old editorial photographer and freelance screen writer available for short film script development, editorial photography and line-production.

Based in Portland Oregon, Zell Thomas is a self-taught visual artist and portrait photographer. Thomas's work captures both the darkness and lightness residing in a space, a moment or within a frame.  In his work, he explores the surreal as well as the real.  Zell’s work is a meditation through the imagination.





Canon EOS RP 





Rode VideoMic GO Lightweight On-Camera Microphone with Integrated Rycote Shockmount

Tascam DR-40X 

Rode SmartLav+ Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone

Supfoto V-Mount Battery Plate 

REYTRIC 190Wh(13400mAh) V Mount/V-Lock Battery

Light Shaping / Diffusion 

Back Drops

Studio Set 

SLIK Pro 700 DX

SLIK Sh-737HD Hybrid 3-Way Pan Head


Line Producer: 

Starring Young James: Brennan Gale Ruderman

Teenage James: James Sanderson
Old James: Robert Evans

Girlfriend: Heather Higginbotham

Friends: Sarah Delaney-Busch, Anthony Felix, Jared Egusa, Jordan Howe, Halle Kohn, Christopher McLaughlin, Lily Stretz


Director: Andrew Stephen Lee

Cinematographer: Andrew Crighton

Producer: Rich Kim

Line Producer: Zell Thomas

Production Coordinator: Caleb Negassa

Editor: Andrew Stephen Lee, Daniel Ainsworth, Andrew Crighton

Color: Daniel Ainsworth

VFX: Devin Earthman

First Assistant Camera: Brett Lopes, Thomas Pena

Production Assistant:

Writer/Director/Art Director: Charlene Bagcal

Starring Madeleine Hamer
Cinematographer Amberlie Bankoff
Art Director Charlene Bagcal
Stylist Anastasia Sargent
Make-Up Rachael Vang
Hair Dani Spataro
Production Assistant Zell Thomas
Editor/Colorist Shawn Bann
Composer George Cochrane
Sound Design Shawn Bann

Art Department: 


Directed and written by 

Kathleen Behun